Age of vehicle which are not more than 5 years from year of manufacture, odometer mileage reading shall not exceed 100,000km at the time of activation of this warranty.


The warranty is for 1 year / 25,000km. (whichever shall first occur based on date & mileage recorded on the booklet).


There is a limit of RM7,500 per claim and RM50,000 in total aggregate.

There are four important notes regarding the RM7,500 limit:

  1. RM7,500 is a maximum limit. There is no minimum amount to proceed for claim.
  2. No processing fees or excess charge for filing a claim report.
  3. Until the RM50,000 total aggregate is fulfilled, any item that has been claimed beforehand can be gain as long as proven faulty.
  4. Upon approval of claims, covered parts & labour, an official approval letter will be issued to the respective workshops therefore customers will not be required to make payment for approved items. Excluded items are wear & tear items, normal service items eg: engine oil, filter, oil seal, brake fluid, brake pads, etc.


Gueard My Ride AM WARRANTY program covers the following:

• Cylinder Head
• Camshaft (Intake & Exhaust)
• Camshaft Bearing Cap
• Camshaft Pushrod
• Piston (with Pin Boss & Circlip)
• Piston Ring (with Piston Oil Ring)
• Tappet (not accepted for noise)
• Crankshaft
• Eccentric Shaft
• Main Bearing (Upper & Lower)
• Intake & Exhaust Valve
(with valve spring & keeper, *not including valve seal)
• Engine Control Module (ECU, ECM, DME)

• Cylinder Block
• Camshaft Bearing
• Camshaft Spacer Ring
• Camshaft Follower
• Connecting Rod (with Cap)
• Connecting Rod Bearing
• Oil pump
• Crankshaft Spacer Ring
• Balancer Shaft
• Engine Vacuum Pump
• Racker Arm
• Pressure Regulator Valve

• Torque Converter
• Mechatronic
• Drive & Driven Gear
• Idler Gear & Driver Gear
• Transmission Bonded Piston
• Clutch Assembly (*auto transmission)
• Electro Hydraulic Control Unit (Valvebody Control Unit)
• Dual Clutch Assemble (*automatic transmission)
• Transmission Control Module (TCM, TCU)
• Electronic Control Solenoid
– Pressure Regulator Solenoids (EDS)
– Magnetic Valve Solenoids (MV)

• Valvebody
• Brake Bands
• Planetary Gear Sets
• Input Shaft & Output Shaft (Gear Shaft)
• Transmission Oil Pump
• Pressure Plate (*auto transmission)

(only applicable for Toyota Models excluding FJ Cruiser & Landcruiser / Prado)
• Steering Rack (Motor/Power)
• Power Steering Pump
• Steering Column Motor
• Steering Angle Sensor
• Steering Control Module/Unit -Slip Ring
• Steering Lock Motor (Programming or Orange Key not included)

• Turbocharger
• Supercharger
• Turbo Control Solenoid
• Waste Gate


This policy does not cover any loss, damage liability or costs directly or indirectly related to or caused by or arising out of in consequence of damage by fire, theft, burglary, accident, neglect, misuse or abuse, among other criteria. For the full exclusion list please refer to the GMR booklet or get in touch with our customer service for more info.


The vehicle must be serviced every 10,000km (6,000 miles) / 6 months, whichever comes first at authorized service and repair centers to maintain the validity of the warranty, with an allowance of 500km service mileage or 10 days over the limit. All vehicles are recommended to be serviced with Fully Synthetic Oil.


Towing is available throughout West Malaysia (not available for Thailand & Singapore). Towing Number: 019-929 9339. Vehicles will be towed to the nearest panel workshop, of which fees incurred will be free up to a limit of RM300. Any amount exceeding RM300 will be paid by the customer.